Therapeutic Massage by Leatha

Individualized massage therapy and body work by Leatha Chapdelaine NCLMT

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New Patient Information

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“Leatha has prepared me for surgeries, helped with my recovery, and has relieved loads of stress. My daughters, son-in-law, best friend and other colleagues have sought the benefits of therapeutic massage from Leatha too. Massage therapy is more than just relaxing me-time. The physical and emotional benefits of massage therapy have helped me lose weight, deal with the pain of grief, and restore my self-esteem after I’ve done something stupid that left me aching and sore. Leatha is a wonderful healer who uses her knowledge and skill to help others live healthier, fuller lives.”


Phone: 309-235-0263
Located at the office of Beth Shelly,
1634 Avenue of the Cities
Moline, Illinois 61265-4860
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Price list:

60 minute Swedish massage – $65.00

90 minute Swedish massage – $100.00

30 minute Stress relief – $40.00

90 minute Hot stone massage – $130.00

60 minute pregnancy massage – $70.00

Gift certificates available.

Please note there will be a $3.00 card processing fee starting July 1, 2024

Types of Massage Offered:

Many practitioners have influenced the development of massage in the US including massage therapists, physicians, physical therapists, and counselors. Recent research has been conducted in the use of massage in the treatment of many conditions including cancer and post operative recovery. Stress increases the symptoms of many conditions. Massage induced relaxation helps to counteract stress effects. Many practitioners consider massage an integral part of holistic treatment.

At Therapeutic Massage by Leatha each massage is individualized to the needs of the specific client. Please let me know if there is a specific area of tension or pain. It is also important for me to know if you are working with other health professionals. Massage can be directed at a specific location or given for general relaxation and stress management. Both are extremely valuable for well being.

Depth of massage is determined in consultation between the therapist and the patient. Deep tissue and soft tissue massage are both beneficial. Please tell me what amount of depth is most comfortable.

Total Body Massage provides a complete relaxation experience and ensures the areas you need work on are covered. Extra time can be spent on difficult areas. This massage focuses on increasing circulation and calming the mind and the body. Leave the stress of the day behind.

60 minutes = $65.00 90 minutes = $100.00

Specific Massage focuses on an area of the body. Treatments may be focused on pain relief, stress management, posture, tension headaches, or sports related injuries. Areas would include: neck, shoulders, and upper back or low back buttocks and legs.

30 minutes = $40.00

Hot Stone Massage combines the benefits of heat and massage for a luxurious experience. Especially helpful for sore muscles, arthritic joint and tight muscle. Indulge yourself.

90 minutes = $130.00

Pregnancy Massage allows relaxation and rejuvenation in a safe environment. This massage can decrease general pregnancy back and neck pain. Being relaxed and calm helps mother and baby. Enjoy your pregnancy. Post partum massage also provides therapeutic healing and rejuvenation.

60 minutes = $70.00


Leatha received her certificate in massage therapy from Black Hawk Community College in 2004. She is certified by the National Board of Massage Therapists and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She worked in a physical therapy office for ten years and works closely with many health professionals. Leatha enjoys her time at the lake and spending time with her two children, Mariah and Celeste.