General Instructions

The following are short exercise routines focused on core strength. A short description of each is included here. I hope these exercises help you to achieve your fitness goals. Have Fun.

General instructions:

    • Please watch the introductory video several times until you feel comfortable with the technique. These exercises may be different than abdominal exercise you have done in the past.
    • Quality is important – please strive for good form. Exercise models reflex varying ability. Please focus on Beth’s technique for safe effective exercising.
    • Do not choose an exercise routine that is too hard for your current ability. This may decrease your results.
    • You may want to stop the video to perform more repetitions or skip over some sections.
    • All videos are posted on You Tube and are about 14 to 15 minutes long.
    • Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine and stop exercising if you are concerned about your results.

Click here for a full list of exercises and which videos they appear in.