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For Patients of Urological Associates

"I had my prostate removed 6 weeks ago and now I am dry thanks to Beth."

-- R.E.

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Prostate education and resources

IA Location: I see patient only on Monday mornings at the Urology office on Spring street in Davenport.
Urological Associates, P.C. Spring Medical Park, 3319 Spring St., Suite 202, Davenport, IA 52807
When you arrive, please tell the receptionist you are there to see the PT and she will check you off that list.  Then proceed to the waiting area all the way over on the right.

IL Location: The remainder of the week I am at my main office in Illinois.   Please check the directions posted on this web site so that you are familiar with the location before the first visit.  I am sometimes not available to give directions right before your appointment.

What is included in the therapy?
Pre-operative visits
It is ideal to have the pre-operative visit 2 to 4 weeks before surgery to give you time to learn and condition the muscle. 

When you arrive All appointments start on the hour and last 45 minutes (unless otherwise instructed).  Please arrive 15 minutes early for the first visit to complete the necessary paperwork. Arriving on time allows you to take advantage of your full treatment time as I strive to remain on time for all my patients.  During the first visit I will be completing an evaluation and collecting information to establish a treatment plan and PT goals to meet your individual needs. 

Frequency of treatments: The prostate surgery program includes 1 or 2 visits before and 1 or 2 visits after your surgery.  The frequency of visits is determined by you.  At the end of the first visit, if you feel unsure and would like to see the muscle display again we will schedule another visit before the surgery.  Similar decision is made after the post-operative visit.

What is included in the therapy?
Pre-operative visits
Most ideal to have this 2 to 4 weeks before surgery to give time for learning and conditioning of the muscle.   45 minute session includes

  • Brief history and review of current exercise / activity level and bowel habits. Education is given to avoid straining / constipation after surgery and to adhere to lifting limitations given by the MD.
  • Instruction in activities after surgery and general information on lifting limitations
  • Education on:
    • Pelvic muscle anatomy and function
    • Post-operative pain and bleeding - what does it mean and what to do
    • Pad use - what to buy and where to buy them
    • When leakage should be improved 
  • Measurement of the pelvic muscle (see below). Teach proper pelvic muscle exercise technique
  • An individual exercise program is set up including attention to endurance, repetitions, and patient position.  Patient is also given instructions as to when to restart the exercises after surgery.

Post-operative visits
This visit is about 10 days after catheter is out.  Please call Beth is the catheter removal is delayed.
45 minute session includes

  • Reevaluation of the pelvic muscle by external EMG
  • Continued instruction in pelvic muscle exercise progression with advancing hold, reps, and position.
  • Discussion of how long to do exercises (most studies say 6 months)
  • Discussion of the role of the pelvic muscle and abdominals in lifting and how to begin training this coordination before lifting occurs.
  • Education on normal bladder pattern and fluid intake.

Measuring the pelvic floor muscle: On the first visit it is necessary to measure the pelvic floor muscles. This can be done by three methods – each method gives different information and all are valuable. The measurements allow you to “see” the muscle activity and make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.

  1. EMG measurement with adhesive patches on the outside of the rectum - this method is used with all patients and gives good information about the activation and endurance of the muscle.
  2. Ultrasound on the perineum (the area between the testicals and the rectum) - this method gives important information about which part of the pelvic muscle is activating. It is only available in the Moline office.
  3. Inside the rectal canal - this method is sometimes not necessary. Beth will let you know if it would be a helpful addition to the EMG measurement.

At the post-operative visit I will re-measure the muscle with the adhesive patches on the outside. The ultrasound can also be used post operatively if needed.

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Attendance Policy

Your success in Physical Therapy is dependent on regular attendance. There is often a wait of 2 to 6 weeks for new patients to start therapy, and I often have a waiting list of patients needing treatment. Please provide 24 hour notice if you are unable to attend. This gives me time to call those on the cancellation list.

Failed appointments or those cancelled after 24 hours will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. Repeated failures to attend will result in re-evaluation of your need for therapy. Emergencies or weather cancellations will not be charged the cancellation fee.

Please help me to provide the best care possible for you and others

Prostate Education and resources

Apps to help with Pelvic Muscle exercises

It is important to focus on the muscle during exercise.  Having a counter helps you to stay focused on your body (instead of how many you have done).  The apps below are available on most phone. Some are free and some cost a small amount of money.  Bring your phone to therapy and Beth will help you load an app. You must know your password. 

  • KPFE also called Easy Kegel
  • Kegel Kat
  • Kegel Trainer
  • Squeezy


Patient Organizations and Information

Men's Action Plan Videos

Gilda's Club of the Quad Cities

Us Too Prostate Support of the Quad Cities

  • Support group tab has names of men willing to share
  • Event tab has meeting schedule

National Association for Continence – patient and professional resources

Prostate treatment discussion board

YouTube video diary - Mark's Prostate Cancer Experience

Home Delivery Supply Company – very helpful, in person advice on products. Sometimes sends samples. Delivered in bulk to patients home.

The Simon Foundation for Continence – supporting patients and innovation in the treatment of incontinence

Men's Health at the University of Iowa - erectile dysfunction

Patient Forms

Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Counting Audio Files*

These audio files provide a prompt for pelvic floor exercise timing -- let Beth do the counting for you. They can be played right from the computer, downloaded to an MP3 player (like an iPod), or burned to a CD. 

The following files are in ZIP format. Please click on the link and save it to your computer. This process might take a few minutes, then you can click on the file and it will play on your Media Player.

* These files were created in collaboration with Eric Scott Bloom

Please email Beth if you would like to purchase a CD with all the audio files.