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Patients' experiences at Beth Shelly PT

A Word from Beth:
I have been a PT for many years in many different situations – some companies that provided excellent care and really cared for their patients and some that did not. Now in my own business I strive to exceed patient’s expectations with exceptional physical therapy care. Each patient receives individual care in a sensitive, confidential and professional environment. It is often helpful to hear other’s experience. Here are some stories from my previous patients. I would love to hear your story too if you can take the time to submit your story using the form below.

Cash paying patient
I want to thank you for how you have helped me think differently about bladder control, and adjusting some of my bad habits.  You are obviously at the top of your game and it’s always nice to learn from a very competent professional.  I rarely go out of network but you delivered on what you said you could help me with.  Thus the extra cost was worth it to me.  If I hear of friends who might need help in your area of expertise I won’t hesitate to suggest they see you at least once.

A couple months ago, at age 66, I found out I had prostate cancer. My prostate was removed 5 and a half weeks ago. I like everyone else leaked after that procedure and had to learn how to hold it.

I got great coaching from Beth on how to control this leakage (urination). She spent the necessary time for me to learn my own anatomy and how and overcome the leakage by being aware of what muscles are used to control flow. After that it was up to me to do the exercises a few times a day and steadily improve my ability to control continence.

Beth was a big help in easing my fears and concerns about not having control both physically and emotionally.

Thank you Beth. I don't have to shop in the men's incontinence aisle any more.

-- GLF

I am a male age 74 and have pudental nerve damage. After 20 years or more of pain I started therapy with Dr. Shelly. Before going to Dr. Shelly I had difficulty sitting, sleeping and had to stand wherever I went. I had been to Mayo Clinic, Peoria St. Francis and many more local doctors and they could do nothing for the pain. I have had relief from pain with therapy through Dr. Shelly. I recommend her highly, she is professional but friendly

-- RJW.

Thought of you since going for another hike today! My hike last weekend was at Starved Rock and was FIVE miles!!!!! You are a lot of the reason I am able to do this...everything you taught me :) (stressful family event) ..... I would have never gone without a flare without my anxiety meds and how you taught me the preventative measures.

-- M.

My symptoms for my bladder happened out of the blue. I had multiple symptoms and had to take urinary relief pills everyday to function, among other things. Nothing worked, and I ran out of options. I HIGHLY recommend Beth!

My symptoms drastically changed, and now that I am much better I don't have to take relief pills any longer. She gave me many tools to work with, and now I can finally function.

-- C.R.

About a week ago, I ask my husband how he felt our sex life was doing since we went to PT and counseling.  He said, "2 or 3 -- hundred percent better."  We are doing very well!  I would agree with him.  We had a little set back this week.  It was the first time I had pain in a very very very long time.  I told him I wanted him to do massage and stretching right then.  We did that together.  He went to work and I did some more pulling, stretching and relaxing.  I also did self talk telling myself that I was not in any serious pain and it was just normal rubbing and movement.  The next day we tried again and it was pain free again. : )  Thank you again for all your help.

-- A.W. and T.W.

"I am a physical therapist living with osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. Over many years I have been able to manage my episodes of joint pain and muscle dysfunction and have not hesitated to seek help from other therapists when needed. I was surprised to be referred to Beth Shelly by my doctor who was evaluating me for abdominal pain that seemed to have no pathological basis. This was not the usual pain of arthritis I was used to. He said there was nothing more he could do, but he would refer me on. He said "I've referred patients to her before--she has good results." I was glad to have an option of help.

Beth Shelly's office is easy to find. The office is quiet, welcoming and relaxing! Beth is very pleasant, personable and knowledgeable. She was able to determine the cause of my pain. Not only was she able to resolve my problem, she gave me much education to ensure that I could prevent and/or treat future problems. I was most impressed and pleased that she was very available if I had a question or a problem. I consider it unusual when a caregiver calls me to see how I am doing--Beth did that. I found her to be very reassuring and a great encourager. My chronic pain can be a source of discouragement for me; Beth was able to put all things in perspective and empower me to be positive and focus on what I can do. If and when I need help, I will call her again!"

-- K.M.

"I began having unbearable bladder problems such as burning, frequency, urgency, pain and swelling that left me desperate. These symptoms made everyday life very challenging and I became very depressed. It was thought I might have Interstitial Cystitis and there wasn't much to do for this. After many doctor visits and many 'dismissals' as if I was making up my symptoms, my urologist suggested I see a Pelvic Floor Specialist. I was a bit skeptical at first, but that changed after my first visit with Beth. She was the first person that seemed to understand what I was going through. Within a week I was no longer going to the bathroom sometimes 6 times per hour during the day. My symptoms have for the most part disappeared. I will sometimes still have minor frequency and urgencies but thanks to Beth, I have learned to control this on my own. With Beth’s knowledge, treatment and gentle spirit, I can say I am 90% healed and forever grateful. Thank you!"


“Just when I thought I ran out of options for help, Beth Shelly proved me wrong. Thank you Beth for making me feel "normal" again. “

-- C.B.

"I am doing well, you gave me alternatives."

-- Don

"Beth has done a world of good for me. It took a long time for me to get help, I'm so glad I did. You gave me hope. Thank you so much!"

-- K.F.

"After my second baby, I had a gigantic "mummy tummy". I constantly had an urge to hold my tummy in with my hands. It was emotionally very trying. One day while lying on my back I thought I saw my intestines moving around. I freaked out and hopped online to see what it was. I guessed it was something called diastasis recti but didn't find much helpful information on what to do about it. I did, however, find a whole lot of forums full of women with "mummy tummy" who were constantly in pain, couldn't lift their kids, and trying to save thousands of dollars to pay for the tummy tuck the insurance wouldn't pay for. Sifting through it all, I found a couple of comments suggesting physical therapy. I found Beth and I'm so glad I did! I started out a pretty big separation between the muscles and virtually no connective tissue could be felt. After working with Beth, my tummy was nice and flat and looked normal with clothes on. It no longer worried me. I felt strong and capable again. 

I am so grateful for Beth's expertise and experience. She is genuinely concerned with helping her patients. She "tells it like it is" in a kind, helpful, encouraging way. She is very good at assessing your needs and adapting exercises specifically to you. If you need physical therapy, go to Beth!!"

-- B.J.

I am a physical therapist and had been treating my low back and hip pain myself and with the help of co- workers for almost 2 years. It wasn't until I allowed a co-worker perform palpation in my pelvic area and internally that I associated my pelvic pain with the whole mess of lower quarter symptoms. I don't know why I didn't associate it before, maybe because I thought I was too young to have pelvic floor issues, but once I came to the realization, I knew my choice was to see Beth. I had experience learning from Beth in our Women's Health module in PT school, and trusted her to help me find a way to decrease my symptoms.

I was surprised at how different Beth's clinic is than the one I work in, but it is totally inviting, private, and calming. Beth was very thorough in her investigation into the root cause of my symptoms, checking many areas away from the site of symptoms to find any association. Beth is very open and straight forward with her explanations and discussions, calming my nerves when having to talk about such topics as intercourse and bodily functions.

Beth gave me literature to read, which I found to be very helpful in understanding what was causing all of the symptoms I had. One of the things that I liked the most was the ownership Beth placed on me to treat my symptoms as well as keep them at bay when they flare. When it was all said and done, I had many tools and awareness of my body to continue to manage my symptoms. To top it off, I now have an amazing resource to use in my own practice and know exactly where to refer patients if the need someone beyond my scope.

It is truly amazing to me that after trial and error on my own for several years, I have almost complete relief with Beth's help. I have recommended Beth to a handful of people already and will continue to do so as I truly believe in her work. Thank you so much, Beth!

-- S.A.

I am 80 years old! I was very skeptical of going to Beth and trying some options through physical therapy. However, she has worked with me for three months and I have had so much improvement. I am thankful for Beth's expertise in helping to alleviate my problem. Thank you, Beth.

-- W.N.

I had my prostate removed 6 weeks ago and now I am dry thanks to Beth.

-- R.E.

Sometimes the conditions I treat are very embarrassing and difficult to share with others. However, I hope you WILL share your learning with others – it is amazing how many are struggling just like you. Spread the word – it is not necessary to suffer in silence – tell your moms, dads, aunts, uncles, daughters, sisters, friends, colleges. Many do not know there are successful options. 

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