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Patient Education and Resources

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Leakage and organ prolapse
Pelvic Muscle Spasm and Pelvic Pain
Helpful Links
  Abdominal Muscle Strengthening

Learning more about your condition and how you can take care of yourself speeds recovery. Below is a collection of handouts with common suggestions and instructions. Each patient is unique and some things may not apply to your condition. In addition, there may be more treatments for your condition not listed here. Please ask if you have questions and STOP any suggested activity that increases your pain.

image of Beth working with a patient.


Leakage and organ prolapse

Patient forms


Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Counting Audio Files*

These audio files provide a prompt for pelvic floor exercise timing -- let Beth do the counting for you. They can be played right from the computer, downloaded to an MP3 player (like an iPod), or burned to a CD. 

The following files are in ZIP format. Please click on the link and save it to your computer. This process might take a few minutes, then you can click on the file and it will play on your Media Player.

Buy a CD with all tracks

* These files were created in collaboration with Eric Scott Bloom Click for a link to Eric Scott Blooms's Facebook page.


Pelvic Floor Muscle Spasm and Pelvic Pain


The National Lymphedema Network provides education and guidance for lymphedema patients.


Helpful Links

Patient and professional organizations
The Simon Foundation for Continence – supporting patients and innovation in the treatment of incontinence

National Association for Continence – patient and professional resources

Continence product advisor – independent, research based advice for patients and professional on products related to continence. A collaboration of ICI and ICS

Home Delivery Supply Company – very helpful, in person advice on products. Sometimes sends samples. Delivered in bulk to patients home.

Kimberly-Clark professional support program – free samples and assistance ordering products for patients.

Prostate treatment discussion board

Best web sites for patient information on Bladder Pain Syndrome and Interstitial Cystitis according to published systematic review 2013

Everything Nobody Tells You About Cancer Treatment and your Sex Life


How to empty bowels without straining Length: 3:20

Understanding pain: what to do about it in five minutes Length: 5:00

Why we all need to practice emotional first aid Length: 17:24

Internal self massage with tool Length 5:34

Mark's Prostate Cancer Experience