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Testimonial from a PTs taking the WCS for the second time:

""I can’t thank you enough for how you helped me....I thought I was a hopeless case.... for years.....You helped me and I’m forever grateful...The best resources I had for this exam prep were conversations with you and learning how to think/mine the data, Irion book, Goodman text, and using Medbridge." AP

"I am writing to inform you that I passed the exam. I am so excited I can’t stop smiling. I would  like to thank  you for mentoring me. It helped me so much. My approach to the exam  was so different than last year. I was much more confident and comfortable. " JW

"Last year, I knew when I left that I didn't do well. As a matter of fact, cried part of the way home. When I finished this year, my confidence level was high! I do believe that I passed! As far as mentoring, I believe that your information/explanation was most helpful! Thanks again" MB

Testimonial from others

"As a newcomer to the field of pelvic physical therapy, distance mentoring provided clarifications to my many questions and enabled me to apply the new skills with increased confidence. Mentoring help and guidance was invaluable and I would highly recommend mentoring with Beth Shelly."
-- Jackie Bravo PT recent CAPP-pelvic recipient, Lafayette, LA

Thank you so very much.  It was such a great call and wake up that I was studying the wrong way.  I felt like I was filling my head with so many details I was straying from what I needed to know most.  I’ve been studying in compartments - anatomy, dermatomes, outcomes measures, surgical scars, red flags, cancer … when a case mixes them all together I feel like a deer in the headlights.  I need to start guiding my study with my patient in mind.
-- Joanne

Phone Consulting

Pelvic floor musclesAsk the questions you have always wanted to ask. Phone consultation is tailored to your educational needs. Have a topic you are burning to learn more about? Or need to have input on a difficult patient? Maybe you just want to sharpen your skills. If so, phone consulting is for you. Most sessions are done over the phone but video conferencing is also available (usually best for international PTs). Sessions can be recorded for later review and will include links to resources and files discussed in the session. Click here for a list of pelvic PT topics that can be included in phone consultation and mentoring. Pricing options for individual and group phone consultation

WCS and BCIA Mentoring

Biofeedback certification requires 12 hrs of mentoring. These sessions will discussion patient cases and challenge your understanding of biofeedback in preparation for the exam.

Study materials for the WCS examination are hard to find. I have produced a number of recorded sessions focused on preparing you for the test. In addition, many PTs find individual or group sessions helpful (and in some cases necessary) to pass the test. These sessions (like the phone consultation) are individualized with assignments between sessions in a logical progression covering the topics that you need. Or just fill in a few missing pieces and practice answering questions and developing advanced thought process.

Pricing for mentoring and phone consultation

Individual - one on one for 1 hr $100/hr
Individual package - package of 4 one hr individual sessions $360 (10% discount)

Group - 4 people for 1 hr $300 (that comes out to $75 per person)
Group package - 4 people for 4 hrs $1000 (15% discount, $62.50 per person, per hr)

Email Beth for other options and combinations

Please complete this form and fax to Beth to initiate mentoring or phone consultation 1-866-761-7464

WCS Study - Resources

How to begin studying for the WCS - 30 min discussion on how to start studying for the WCS exam and considerations for structure of study groups. 5 page handout with resources. Cost $20

Women's Health Certified Specialist - How to read and answer question on the WCS exam 2 hr and 15 minute recording, 4 page introduction to the test with links to some resources. One page dissection of a case question, 12 case questions with answers (7 pages). Cost $75

The Overactive Pelvic Floor book review and discussion (book sold separately) - More information 16 recordings (most one hour long) and outlines, 9 supplemental files, 9 full articles Usual price $200. WCS Special $100

WCS case questions - Obstetrics - 90 minute recording with 10 sample test questions and answers (8 pages). Mining the data in an obstetric case question helps to understand how to read patient scenarios and get the most out of them.  Case questions include: high risk pregnancy, MSK eval of pregnant client, diastasis recti, and more, cost $50

WCS case questions - Bowel and Bladder - 90 minute recording with 10 sample test questions and answers (8 pages). The recording starts with a review of the level of question difficulty.  Case questions include neurogenic, frail elderly and bowel testing questions to name a few.  Program is indented to refine your thinking process for the WCS test.  cost $50

WCS study - Mechanism of pain: This 90 minute recorded talk covers classifications of pain including visceral versus MSK and central sensitization as well as pelvic pain.  $50.

Additional WCS Case question practice - This one hour recording reviews 13 case questions covering Pelvic PT topics included in the WCS exam.  It is intended to increase skill in reading and answering WCS exam questions.  $38

WCS Study Package - More than 6 hours of case question practice covering a wide variety of WCS topics. A $213 value for $170 - 20% discount

  • Women's Health Certified Specialist
  • WCS case questions - Obstetrics,
  • WCS case questions - Bowel and Bladder,
  • Additional WCS Case question practice


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