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Abdominal Exercises

The following are short exercise routines focused on core strength. A short description of each is included here. I hope these exercises help you to achieve your fitness goals. Have Fun.

General instructions:

  • Please watch the introductory video several times until you feel comfortable with the technique. These exercises may be different than abdominal exercise you have done in the past.

  • Quality is important – please strive for good form. Exercise models reflex varying ability. Please focus on Beth's technique for safe effective exercising.

  • Do not choose an exercise routine that is too hard for your current ability. This may decrease your results.

  • You may want to stop the video to perform more repetitions or skip over some sections.

  • All videos are posted on You Tube and are about 14 to 15 minutes long.

  • Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine and stop exercising if you are concerned about your results.

Click here for a full list of exercises and which videos they appear in.

All videos are on YouTube. Click the Arrow on each screen to play the video.

  • Introduction core exercises – This video describes the basis for all the exercises. It is very important to listen to this video several times.


  • Beginner core exercises – Don't let the name fool you these are challenging. I would suggest all participants start with this exercise routine until they feel comfortable with the technique. You may also place this exercise routine at the end of one of the others for a longer work out. The partner ball exercise is included in this routine. Make sure to switch so your partner gets a chance to sit on the ball.


  • Medium with ball core exercises – This routine includes more difficult exercises and most all of the ball exercises. You will need a partner for one of the exercises. Remember to switch so your partner gets a chance to sit on the ball.


  • Medium to hard in back lying core exercises – Almost all of these exercises are done lying on your back. Do not pick this routine if back lying is uncomfortable. Some of the exercises are hard.


  • Medium to hard with oblique focus core exercises – The oblique abdominal muscles are located on the sides for the trunk. Strong obliques helps to stabilize the trunk and improves your shape.


  • Hard core exercises – This routine combines all the hard exercises. Do not perform these exercises if you are not strong enough to maintain good form.


  • Ball and plank core exercises – The name says it all. This routine includes all the ball exercises and requires a partner. Make sure to switch so your partner gets a chance to sit on the ball.


  • Full core exercise routine – This 45 minute video includes all the videos (in the order they were created). It is extremely long and not for beginners.

    Remember to focus on quality and stay in touch with your healthcare professional if needed. Feel free to contact me at  if you have questions.